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How We Can Help

Navigating serious illness and life transitions can be difficult. You may not only be feeling unwell and worried about what’s next, but also struggling to access the type of care you need and desire. These difficulties are further complicated by an increasingly complex and fragmented healthcare system. Communication with your care team may be difficult due to institutional barriers and lack of continuity. It doesn't have to be so hard. We can help.

  • You or your loved one have a serious illness, and worry that time may be short.​

  • Symptoms related to a serious illness are interfering with treatment and you want help feeling well and navigating your illness.

  • You or your loved one is getting older, and worry what the future may hold.

  • The doctors have told you that you are at the end of life and you want to discuss all the options available to you to ensure your wishes and values are honored.

Our Services

Direct Doctor-Patient Communication

Contact your physician directly for more timely, seamless, simple care.

Coordination of Care

Clear, consistent communication with your care team (primary care providers, specialists, home care, hospice, etc) as well as with loved ones near and far.

Case Review & Guidance

Complex medical record review to ensure understanding and guidance, now and in the future.

Expert Symptom Management

Expert management of symptoms related to serious or life-limiting illness by a board certified palliative medicine physician.

Specialized End-of-Life Care

Work closely with your doctor to discuss your options and develop a plan of care that focuses on what matters to you most in this tender time.

Goal Navigation & Advanced Care Planning

Review goals as conditions change and plan for the future with your physician advocate and loved ones so that your wishes are recorded and honored.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation!

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