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  • Why doesn't Dignity Care Colorado accept insurance?
    We wish that the insurance model of healthcare honored patient time and choice. Unfortunately that model does not align well with our model which fully embraces that time is life's most precious commodity. We believe that care should happen when, where, and how patients need it most, and that medical decisions should be made between patients, their loved ones, and their medical team, NOT by a third party. In addition, most insurances (including Medicare and Medicaid) do not cover all end of life options for care.
  • What if I have Medicare?
    Please come see us, we can help. You can pay us directly for services provided by Dignity Care Colorado and keep your Medicare and supplemental Medicare for outside services such as primary care fees, specialist physician fees, prescription medications, labs, diagnostic imaging, hospitalizations, etc. We will not bill Medicare for our services, nor can you try to collect reimbursement from Medicare for our services.
  • Does Dignity Care Colorado replace my primary care doctor or specialist?
    No. We will coordinate care with your primary care providers, specialists, and other care providers but ask that you retain these providers to manage the other aspects of your health care.
  • My parent lives in Durango and I need help caring for them at a distance. Is this something Dignity Care Colorado can help with?
    We would be happy to learn about your situation and see how we can help! We offer direct patient/family-to-doctor communication which may alleviate some of the difficulties of caring for a relative from afar.
  • Does Dignity Care Colorado provide Medical Aid in Dying?
    We are happy to discuss this end of life option and provide services to those who qualify. In order to be eligible for MAiD under Colorado's law, the patient must have a terminal illness with a prognosis of 6 months or less, act voluntarily, be mentally capable of making their own healthcare decisions and physically capable of self-administering and ingesting aid in dying medications. The process requires a minimum of 15 days, 2 verbal requests, 1 written request, and evaluations by 2 separate physicians. We can skillfully navigate this process with interested and qualifying patients.

Questions still not answered? Please reach out. We want to hear from you!

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